Spanish Singer Natalia Turned Out To Be A Fan Of Kerem Bursin

Spanish singer Natalia fan of Turkish Series. Natalia turned out to be a fan of Kerem Bursin. Kerem Bursin went to Spain last week. The beloved acttor, who attended the festival in Spain, met with his fans there.


Kerem Bursin’s photos were published with many people. Antonio Banderas was one of them. Antonio Banderas Shared A Post About Kerem Bursin

Today, the Spanish singer Natalia shared her photo with Kerem Bursin on her twitter account.


“With what I like Turkish series, I go and meet the main character 🤣 #KeremBürsin”

@divinity_es shared content about this situation. The meeting of Kerem Bürsin and Natalia. Natalia wrote “I have to say, it was super super nice 😉😉 ” from her Instagram account under this post.


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