Hollywood star pleads guilty to molesting women

Cuban actor Gooding Jr. – who won an Oscar for “Jerry Maguire” – confessed to groping a woman at a New York bar in 2018.


According to the AP, Gooding was accused of groping by three women between 2018-2019. During the April 13 trial, he confessed to kissing a waiter on the lips at a New York bar in 2018 and denied the rest of the charges.

Confession is based on negotiation between the actor and the court. Gooding won’t go to jail, just undergo a six-month behavioral adjustment course with psychologists. “I’m a celebrity. I come into contact with a lot of people. I never wanted to make them feel bullied or uncomfortable,” Gooding told the court.


Actor Jerry Maguire was arrested in June 2019 after a woman accused him of squeezing her breasts at the Magic Hour Rooftop bar. A few months later, two other women filed charges against Gooding for past groping. Cuba Gooding Jr. now also faces charges of raping a woman in New York in 2013 but denies it.

Cuba Gooding Jr., born in 1968, is a famous actor and dancer. He started his career when he participated in the backup dance for the tour of singer Lionel Richie. In the late 1980s, he began to act in many films, appearing in such projects as Coming to America (1988), A Few Good Men (1992), Gladiator (1992)… In 1995, the actor attracted attention with played the arrogant rugby player in Jerry Maguire and received a supporting actor Oscar.


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